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chief general secretary's message

Nemail Chandra Pramanik

The Central Calcutta Science & Culture Organisation for Youth dates back to September, 1996, when it was formed by the earnest initiative of a group of young enthusiasts to take up social & philanthropic causes as their sole motto to serve the greater community. Today it is an active force in India to promote awareness and interest in Science & Culture among the masses. Since inception, it regularly organizes year-round programmes like seminar, symposia, workshops, trainings of self-employment schemes, etc. The primary mission of the organisation is to inspire and mobilize the students and youths of our country towards a bright future and set a worthy goal before them to follow and thereby build a strong and healthy social life.

With this aim we arrange Scientific Seminars and Culture Workshop to search out promising talents in different fields of Science & Culture and help them blossom in life. By organizing such programmes we want to extend the knowledge of science & technology and Culture awareness among the youths & masses, so that it can be utilized for the development of the life of youths & the people in general.

We have also held many National Seminars on Science Awareness, Climate Change, Food Security, Biotechnology, Healthy Life, Water Conservation, Information Technology, Micro Finance, Environment, Culture Heritage etc. and different Awareness Programmes in cooperation with Government of India and Government of West Bengal. Every year, we confer awards to eminent scientists. We also aim to promote schemes on rural development, pisciculture, animal husbandry, biological waste treatment, biodiversity conservation and waste management in port & harbour.

We have organized various Culture Competitions on National Level for the students & youth. We also offer awards to eminent cultural personalities. We have also regularly distributed free textbooks and scholarships to needy and meritorious students and also lend support to back-ward persons of our society, as a part of our regular schedule to the cause of serving the society.

For the last 17 years, we have been organizing National Exhibition at different places in Kolkata and surrounding area. The aim of the National Exhibitions is to inform the students and the youth, academicians, scholars, scientists and general public about the latest developments in the country and achievements of different Government Departments and Public Sectors in their respective fields.

Apart from these our organisation has also been regularly arranging for All India Student & Youth Festivals at different places of India where students and youths from all corners of India take part. The subjects of the training aim at self development of Youth Leadership and mutual exchange on cultural ties between the participants hailing from different provinces of India. This festival includes a week long National Integration, Youth Leadership and National Annual Training Camp. We have an intention of arranging more self-development programmes and cultural exchange with other states. We also intend to find out young talents from all corners of the state and help them to get established.

We fondly hope that we will be graced with the kind help, cooperation and support of the people of all corners of the society so that we may materialize the programmes for the betterment of the youth and society at large.

Our organization earnestly expects the gracious help and all sorts of co-operation from our Patrons, Advisors, well wishers, Ministries, High Dignitaries and all sections of the society, to continue our ventures in future.

Jai Hind.